RoyalMC: The king among Minecraft Servers

What is RoyalMC?

RoyalMC is a Minecraft: Java Edition server where players can explore a variety of different game modes and experiences. Whether you're looking for a classic survival challenge or a thrilling adventure across exotic lands, RoyalMC has something to offer.

Odyssey has been released!

After a year of dedicated development and with RoyalMC being in maintenance, we couldn't be more excited to reveal our highly-anticipated game: Odyssey!

Odyssey is an adventure unlike any other, accompanied by a hand-crafted resource pack, a unique story, and stunning models, making this game one of a kind.

Although still in beta, you are about to go on a journey that will give you at least a glimpse of the boundless potential that the RoyalMC team had promised.

Join us today and experience Odyssey, an adventure that showcases Minecraft: Java Edition's limitless possibilities.

Odyssey Trailer

Minecraft enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an amazing experience as RoyalMC has just released the newest trailer for their highly anticipated game, Odyssey

An official release date has been revealed!

RoyalMC will be FINALLY releasing July 29th at 1:00 PM EDT! We want to see some hype for the release!

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